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ICF BDS 2024

Dear ICF Members,
It's an honor to participate in the Advanced Business Development Series.

Harnessing AI to Enhance Human Potential: A Coach's Perspective

AI has the potential to transform our lives and careers in remarkable ways. But the deeper I dive into AI, the more I value what makes us human. Our quirks, empathy, and intuition—these are the traits that set "human intelligence" apart from "digital intelligence."

As a coach, we're on the cusp of an exciting era where AI serves as a digital mirror. This technology gives us and our clients a powerful tool to gather and analyze personal and interpersonal data. With these insights, we can understand our clients and their companies on a deeper level, tailoring our coaching to be more impactful.

Imagine AI as your assistant, helping you spot patterns in client behavior that you might not see right away. These data-driven insights can guide you to identify strengths and areas for growth, allowing for more personalized and effective coaching.

But let's be clear: AI isn't here to replace us. It's here to amplify our abilities. The magic happens when human intuition and AI insights come together, creating a coaching experience that elevates everyone involved.

Embrace this digital transformation. Discover how AI can enhance your coaching, helping your clients grow and succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

As part of the program, I'm discounting my offerings for ICF for a limited time.
1:1 Coaching Sessions: Private, confidential one-hour sessions available in sets of three. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs.
8-Week Foundational Course: A live, cohort-based course designed to introduce you to AI fundamentals. This course will help you start using AI and develop practical use cases to enhance your coaching business and add value to your clients.

AI Activation Assessment: This is s diagnostic tool to assess a company's readiness for adopting AI.  The tool can be used by coaches to help guide them through a transition into a AI-infused world. 

If you're interested, please reach out by email or simply schedule a time for us to talk. 

Headshot of Matt Strain

I thrive on merging my extensive experience in AI, business operations, and team leadership. The rapid acceleration of AI elicits both fear and fascination. My mission is to equip every individual in an organization with the knowledge and confidence they need to embrace AI, empowering them to seamlessly integrate it into their personal and professional lives. By fostering a sense of agency, I aim to transform AI from a source of anxiety into a tool for creativity and productivity.

If this resonates, let's talk. 

- Matt

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