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AI Activation Assessment

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The allure of AI is undeniable. Yet, despite the overwhelming evidence of its potential to drive productivity and creativity, many companies grapple with a gap between their aspirations and the adoption of AI.

Having worked closely with thousands of individuals and companies spanning various industries, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges leaders face in navigating this new terrain. From strategic uncertainties to cultural shifts, technical complexities to legal considerations, and the ever-present need to keep employees motivated, the decision-making process surrounding AI is fraught with unprecedented risks and opportunities.

The Good news: armed with the right insights, you can chart a course forward with confidence.  Recognizing this complexity and need for insights, we've developed the AI Activation Process—a comprehensive framework designed to guide organizations through the complexities of AI integration. At its core lies the AI Assessment, a first step that provides insights into your organization's readiness for AI adoption.

The AI Activation Index can help you address questions like:

  • Is there a unified understanding and commitment to our AI strategy across all levels of the organization? How deep is this commitment?

  • How conducive is our organizational culture to AI-driven experimentation and innovation? Are there specific areas or teams resistant to AI adoption, Why?

  • Do our teams possess the operational knowledge to implement AI effectively? Are they aware of the potential risks and rewards? 

  • How apparent are the benefits of AI to our employees in their daily tasks? Do they have the necessary skills and tools to leverage AI effectively? Do they worry about AI taking their jobs?

  • What training programs are in place to enhance AI literacy within our organization? Are these programs aligned with the specific needs of different roles and departments?

  • How well are ethical considerations and compliance with AI regulations integrated into our AI strategy and operational practices?

  • How is AI being used across the team today?  Do they approach AI with fear, fascination, or both?


Upon completion of the AI Activation Assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive set of scores and analyses that will help you and the team prioritize the first steps to close the AI Activation Gap.  These scores will serves as both a diagnostic to help you prioritize the next steps and a baseline by which to measure your success. 

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Headshot of Matt Strain

I love combining my broad experience in AI, business operations, and leading teams.  The acceleration of AI brings a combination of fear and fascination.  My goal is to provide everyone in an organization with the knowledge and sense of agency so that they are informed, engaged, and in a position to integrate AI into their personal and professional lives in a way that is creative and productive.  

If this resonates, let's talk. 

- Matt

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