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Specials for ICF Members

It's an honor to participate in the Advanced Business Development Series.


AI has the potential to transform our lives and careers in remarkable ways. But the deeper I dive into AI, the more I value what makes us human. Our quirks, empathy, and intuition are the traits that set "human intelligence" apart from "digital intelligence."


As a coach, you're entering an era where AI can accelerate your coaching through:

  • Data-driven insights. Help you provide value in entirely new ways by leveraging data from diverse sources to create a "digital mirror" that reveals unseen patterns and insights. For example, analyzing communication patterns can identify stress triggers, while tracking productivity metrics can uncover optimal performance times, enhancing your coaching effectiveness with more profound, more actionable insights.

  • Your insight -- anywhere, any time. Encapsulate your voice so that clients can access your insights anytime and anywhere. With AI-driven voice technology, you can create personalized, always-available coaching products that allow your clients to receive guidance, advice, and motivation in your unique style, even when you're not physically present.

  • Extend your reach to more clients by utilizing AI tools to scale your services and personalize your interactions, making supporting a larger and more diverse client base​​​​ possible.

  • Save you time on the mundane tasks that distract you from the things only you can do, such as administrative duties and scheduling, freeing you up to focus on more strategic and impactful activities​​.


But let's be clear: AI isn't here to replace us. It's here to amplify our abilities. The magic happens when human intuition and AI insights come together, creating a coaching experience that elevates everyone involved.

Embrace this digital transformation. Discover how AI can enhance your coaching, helping your clients grow and succeed in both their personal and professional lives.


As part of the program, I'm discounting my offerings for ICF for a limited time.


► 1:1 Coaching Sessions: Private, confidential one-hour sessions available in sets of three. These sessions are tailored to help you leverage AI in your practice. Potential topics include: opportunities and threats withAI, creating a Custom GPT to enhance your business, new tools to integrate into your business. 


►  8-Week Foundational Course: A live, cohort-based course introducing you to AI fundamentals. This course will help you use AI and develop practical use cases to enhance your coaching business and add value to your clients.


AI Activation Assessment: An innovative diagnostic tool designed to evaluate and enhance a company's readiness for AI adoption, ensuring they stay competitive and ahead of the curve. Join us as an early deployment partner and lead the AI revolution in your industry! More About the Assessment.

If you're interested, please email or schedule a time for us to talk.

Thank you,
Matt Strain

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Headshot of Matt Strain

With over 30 years of experience in AI, business operations, and team leadership, I thrive on transforming AI from a source of anxiety into a tool for creativity and productivity.


My mission is to equip executives and employees with the knowledge and confidence to embrace AI, fostering a culture of curiosity, innovation, and empowerment.


If you're ready to turn AI into a strategic advantage for your team, let's talk

- Matt

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