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What Sales People Get Wrong About AI

► What happens when your AI-generated marketing emails are more sophisticated than your sales team?

This is a fascinating consequence of your marketing communications being so good that they set unrealistic expectations. 

(Of course, this risk is not just for salespeople. It extends to everyone who gets a little too attached to the magic of AI)

My takeaway from the article is that we should encourage our customer-facing teams to use GenAI (ChatGPT, Claude, etc) as a COACH instead of a delegate. The tools are fantastic to help understand an industry, a complex issue, or a customer’s potential problems. 

I frequently use ChatGPT, my go-to, to play devil's advocate, to better understand a complex situation, and to help me understand a client’s challenges, needs, fears, and insecurities. 

I have used ChatGPT with students to help them role-play an interview situation. ChatGPT performs well if you tell it to play the role of a hardened hiring manager who asks tough questions. At the end of a session, if asked nicely, ChatGPT will provide detailed feedback in an encouraging way.

Thanks to Nick TomanBryan Kurey, and Ray Makela for a thought-provoking article. 

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