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"AI faces are 'more real' than human faces — but only if they're white”

"AI faces are 'more real' than human faces — but only if they're white” reports a new study titled, "AI Hyperrealism: Why AI Faces Are Perceived as More Real Than Human Ones"

The study highlights two important -- and disturbing -- findings:

► Perception of Reality: A startling revelation is that white individuals often perceive AI-generated faces as MORE "real" than actual human faces. OK, this is a huge potential problem.  Making this worse, it reports, "people who are fooled most by AI are the least aware they are being duped." 

► Bias in AI: Equally concerning is the finding that this level of hyperrealism is not consistently achieved with black faces. This points to a significant bias stemming from the lack of diversity in AI training datasets.

The article is an accessible intro to two critical issues that will become more relevant as AI continues to spread into our everyday lives. 

Many thanks to UC Berkeley's Hany Farid for his exceptional ability to distill complex issues into understandable terms.

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