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Activating AI's Transformative Potential

About Matt Strain

With over 30 years of experience, Matt brings a rare blend of broad operating expertise, Generative AI expertise, exceptional communication skills, and a passion for making complex topics accessible.


As the former Director of Strategy and Innovation at Adobe Research, Matt led projects to bring AI innovations from the lab to market. Matt's passion and proficiency for using AI to solve real-world problems was demonstrated in his early work on Adobe’s efforts to combat disinformation — an initiative that evolved into the industry-leading Content Authenticity Initiative.


For the past two years, Matt has been working with executives and their teams to realize the potential of AI. He’s developed the AI Activation Process to help companies assess their current situation and develop steps to use AI to increase productivity and creativity. 


Despite research that proves the power of AI across all aspects of the business, studies continue to highlight that workers lack the training, tools, and guidance to use AI effectively.  


The AI Activation Process helps companies get started with a combination of education initiatives, guidance, knowledge sharing, and executive communication.


Matt's engaging and relatable style has earned him recognition - he was dubbed the "AI Whisperer" by Forbes. He has discussed AI on the podcast "How and Why You Should Friend AI—Now!", led sessions to audiences of 1,000 as part of the "Five Things I've Learned" series, and appeared on various AI panels and consultations.


In his workshops, Matt incorporates interactive exercises and discussions to keep teams engaged.  Ironically, the advent of AI is highlighting the value of human connection.  


Matt brings a light, engaging tone to his courses. His unique AI-generated cocktail book, covered in a New York Times article exemplifies his ability to make complex topics like AI accessible, entertaining, and tasty.

Matt's Blog with Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with AI



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