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How AI Could Save (Not Destroy) Education

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Sal Khan, the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, outlines what I've been hoping to see for decades. He describes how artificial intelligence could spark a massive positive transformation in education. He shares the opportunities he sees for students and educators to collaborate with AI tools -- including the potential of a personal AI tutor for every student and an AI teaching assistant for every teacher. Their AI implementation is Khanmigo.

Sal's examples highlight a path that extends far beyond education. With only a little imagination, you can see how this can be applied across many industries.

Some of the things to look for in the talk:

► The significant improvement that comes with a personal tutor.

► It answers the age-old student question, "Why the heck do I need to learn this" in a Socratic, highly relevant way.

► Kahnmigo prompts and encourages students without giving students the answer. It is NOT a cheating tool.

► Provides every student with a dedicated career and academic counselor. (This beats to 200:1 ratio of many high schools).

► It co-writes collaboratively with the student, where the student writes two sentences and then Kahnmigo drafts two sentences and hands them back to the student.

For the teacher: It allows the teacher to focus on the humans while acting as a teacher's aide in preparing custom lesson plans, progress reports, and grading.

@khanacademy will be an incredibly exciting space to watch.

Thanks to Allison Shapira for the heads-up on Sal Khan's talk.

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