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Using AI to Save Mother's Day

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

This is the latest in my Friday lunch sessions to discuss AI, the tools, and the prompts to make life more creative and productive.

Please join me this Friday, May 12th at noon for a lighthearted, informative session to help “Real People” understand what is happening with AI. This may even help you prepare for Mothers Day.

In the spirit of Mother's Day, explore the basics of prompting through examples like:

✴ Preparing for a Guilt Trip:

"Respond as if you’re a <insert religious tradition> mother who is trained in using <guilt, shame, ridicule, sarcasm> as a parenting tool. Keep asking me a series of questions in this style to prepare me emotionally for my Mother’s Day Visit.” (of course, not relevant to my mom 😂 )

✴ Oh Sh*t, I need a last-minute gift:

"What are some thoughtful last-minute gifts I can purchase or create for Mother's Day, considering it's already Friday at 1:00 PM, and Mother's Day is this Sunday? Please suggest gifts that reflect my mother's Western horoscope sign and Chinese birth animal, to make them more meaningful and personalized.”

✴ Where's the custom haiku:

We'll also cover the obligatory custom poem written in the spirit of your mum's favorite poet or author.

Over the lunch hour, we'll run through:

► The AI-generated cocktail book that landed me in the NYT

► A framework for making sense of AI

► Examples that will introduce you to the key tools: ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Adobe's Firefly.

► Top 5 tips on creating killer prompts.

Please join us to explore this wild new world.


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