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What is the Positive Potential of Generative AI? A Meeting of the Minds

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I was thrilled to attend last month’s dynamic live event organized by the futurist Peter Leyden and his crew from Reinvent Futures. The energy and optimism were infectious. It was my first time at the techno-hip SHACK15 at the Ferry Building.

Internet OG’s like Peter Leyden, Kevin Kelly, and Peter Schwartz shared their perspective alongside the fresh wave of innovators like Dave Fontenot, a leading force behind the AI hackathons and AI-fication of San Francisco (with a new tech epicenter in Alamo Square).

It was refreshing that the focus was NOT on AI’s potential perils but rather on how it can augment human capabilities. Pioneers like Greg Corrado and Anton Troynikov noted that generative AI promises to unlock new levels of productivity and creativity by distilling complexity into simple questions. Visionaries like Peter Schwartz foresee AI acting as personal assistants that reduce drudgery and make education hyper-personalized. And leaders like @Lindaavey proposed establishing guardrails, as scientists did for genetic engineering at Asilomar.

What struck me most was seeing internet pioneers and the next wave of innovators collaborating in pursuit of uplifting humanity. This is the kind of openness, wisdom, and curiosity that we need to ensure a better future.

Peter, thanks for bringing everyone together.

I look forward to the next gathering.

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