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Embracing AI in the Workplace. 
A series of three sessions. 

Course Overview

Structure:  Three Sessions (Two hours each)


In an ever-evolving digital landscape, AI is no longer an abstract concept; it’s a reality that can revolutionize productivity and innovation within your organization. We present to you “Embracing AI in the Workplace,” an action-oriented and accessible training program designed to swiftly integrate AI into the daily routines of your professionals and your organizational strategy.

Designed for: 

  • Employees at All Levels: Suitable for those with minimal AI background, who are curious about AI and are ready to jump in and start using it.

  • Managers: Bring your team and create a common foundation for discussions and planning about how AI can save times and increase the quality of your work.

  • Leaders: Learn with your teams.  You'll develop an understanding of the concepts while gaining experience on how your teams are looking at AI.  By participating with your staff, you'll gain an understanding of where they see opportunity and where they're holding anxiety. 

Interactive Components:

Hands-on exercises, interactive breakout sessions, and use case developments.


Embracing AI in the Workplace


Session 1: Introduction to AI & Basic Tools

In the first session, we provide an overview of AI, highlighting its benefits and potential implications. We introduce participants to basic AI platforms such as ChatGPT, Google's Bard, Dall-E, and Adobe's Firefly.  Through engaging examples and hands-on exercises, we'll make this a light, fun first, inspiring first class. 

Session 2: Advanced Use & Industry-Specific Tools

The second session begins with the group reflecting on their "homework" during the week.  We'll review the prompts and the insights that developed while experimenting with the tools.

We then delve deeper into how the AI tools can be used in the workplace. Through collaborative breakout exercises, participants will begin to think about how they can save several hours a week.  This lays the foundation for developing use cases. 

Session 3: Development of Use Cases and Data Required to Support. 

In the final session, we begin by reviewing the thoughts on how the basic AI tools can improve productivity and creativity in the work place. Although, personal productivity and fulfiullment is also encouraged. 

We'll delve into the fascinating role of data in the world of AI.  We'll co-development of use cases to instill a sense with the goal of instilling a sense of agency and control over the process.

We will wrap up with a discussion of the risks and opportunities that come with AI.  These discussions will be woven through the class but spend the time we need to ensure that people feel equipped to manage the short- and long-term questions about AI. 


ands-on exercises, interactive breakout sessions, and use case developments.


Feedback from Prior Sessions

Participants from a diverse range of roles and industries, including tech consulting, Adobe, Google Research, and Salesforce, have described the course for its accessible, enjoyable, and practical approach to understanding and utilizing AI. Attendees have particularly commended our lively and engaging teaching style, which combines a light-hearted sense of humor with clear, concise explanations.

"That was the most well-presented, humorous, informative, concise and creative presentation I've seen...maybe ever." - Owner of consulting business

"Aside from the beyond user friendly, ease of entry into Chat GPT, I thought the sense of community and the way you interacted with the group and the individuals was super welcoming and made everyone feel very comfortable and willing to comment and ask questions, which is quite a rarity." - Independent Film & Television Producer

"Matt's session on AI was incredibly informative. It is clear he knows what he is taking about and has been thoughtful about the pros and cons of AI as it pertains to today and the future. I appreciated his outlook on AI and the ways we can partner with it, how to best use it, and why we shouldn't fear it. Matt is a strong communicator, approachable, and knowledgable and the content is delivered in an engaging way. You will not regret your time with Matt!”  - Designer



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