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AI: From Theory to Practice

Course Overview

Structure:  Two-hour session

Jump into AI with this accessible and actionable seminar that will introduce you to the tools and set you on a path to leverage the creative, productive potential for AI in your personal and professional life. 

The two-hour seminar, "AI: From Theory to Practice", is designed for non-technical professionals from diverse sectors.  You won't need any prior experience to get started. 

This seminar presents AI in an optimistic light and focus on how it can add to productivity and creativity. We’ll talk about the tools, the importance of prompts, and the critical role of data.  We’ll also share some of the risks to ensure that you don’t get yourself or your company into trouble.  



  • Managers and Leaders who want to bring their teams up to speed

  • Innovation & Strategy teams that are getting started with exploring the opportunities with AI

  • AI Enthusiasts & those who are curious


What will you learn as a result of the session:I

  • Platforms. How to use the core AI platforms: ChatGPT, Google's Bard, and Dall-E

  • Prompts. The basics of creating effective prompts.  This is the first step to mastery.  You will learn the building blocks for creating willing prompts on any platform.

  • Data. A foundational understanding of the role of data.  

  • Use Case Development.  The basic structure for building out a use case for your role in the company

Interactive Components:
Hands-on prompt engineering exercises, open discussions on data and ethics, and planning activities for implementing AI.



1. Introduction and overview. 

Kick-off with an entertaining example about creating a book entirely using AI tools to highlight their collaborative and creative potential.


2. Understanding AI: The Framework

Creating a framework for thinking about AI.


3. The Power and Responsibility of Data

Discuss the importance of data, its quality, bias, and the ethical considerations of its use. 


4. Key Tools in AI: How to get started with the common tools

We'll start with Open AI's ChatGPT and Dall-e, as well as Google’s Bard, Adobe’s Firefly offering. 

5. The Art and Science of Prompt Engineering

Learn the importance of crafting compelling prompts with examples and best practices from case studies.

6. The steps for building out effective Use Cases for your role


7. Balancing Risks and Opportunities in AI

Feedback from Prior Sessions

Participants from a diverse range of roles and industries, including tech consulting, Adobe, Google Research, and Salesforce, have described the course for its accessible, enjoyable, and practical approach to understanding and utilizing AI. Attendees have particularly commended our lively and engaging teaching style, which combines a light-hearted sense of humor with clear, concise explanations.

"That was the most well-presented, humorous, informative, concise and creative presentation I've seen...maybe ever." - Owner of consulting business

"Aside from the beyond user friendly, ease of entry into Chat GPT, I thought the sense of community and the way you interacted with the group and the individuals was super welcoming and made everyone feel very comfortable and willing to comment and ask questions, which is quite a rarity." - Independent Film & Television Producer

"Matt's session on AI was incredibly informative. It is clear he knows what he is taking about and has been thoughtful about the pros and cons of AI as it pertains to today and the future. I appreciated his outlook on AI and the ways we can partner with it, how to best use it, and why we shouldn't fear it. Matt is a strong communicator, approachable, and knowledgable and the content is delivered in an engaging way. You will not regret your time with Matt!”  - Designer



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