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AI as a Presentation Coach

I love how GenAI can assist in refining an argument. It's especially powerful when combined with a strong framework. In the example below, I DO NOT ask it to do the work for me. I prompt it to ASK ME QUESTIONS that will help to build a solid argument.

Let me explain with an example:

I’ve been using a presentation framework, SCIPAB (created by the folks at Mandel Communications), for many years. Whether for a 30-second elevator pitch, an email to an executive, or a half-hour presentation, their framework is the scaffolding for a logical argument. There are many others, but for the sake of discussion, let's focus on SCIPAB. It suggests a series of steps that progress through Situation > Complication > Implication > Position > Action > Benefit.

Here’s an example of how you can combine the (framework) + (content) + (specific length request) to get a powerful start to a pitch.

The full stream of my prompts and ChatGPT4's responses are here:

The prompts you’ll see:

► “Act as a presentation coach who is an expert in the SCIPAB framework for presenting an idea. Ask me the questions to create a pitch for a new technology that will help detect diabetes by listening to 15 seconds of a person's voice.”

► “That's helpful. Add more texture by including the context from this recent study. The article: … “

► “Create a version for a 30-second elevator pitch.”

► “Thank you. Now, create an outline for a 30-minute presentation to a group of potential partners who are well-versed in healthcare and AI. Continue to base this on the SCIPAB model.”

► “Based on this information and the SCIPAB model, draft an email to the CEO of a potential investor. Start with the 30-second pitch as a TLDR and then provide more information and context.”

When you furnish the model with detailed prompts— a known framework, clear output goals, a defined role, ample context, and a description of the audience —you can create an AI assistant that functions as a pretty decent coach. It won't replace a human expert and isn't designed to author your content, but it can ignite creative thinking and strengthen your presentation.

If you'd like to explore innovative ways to use AI to make you and your team more productive and more creative, drop me a line at matt

I'm always curious to know how my friends in the speaking and presentation world are using AI to help professionals communicate more effectively. What say you,William Arruda,Mark Nevins, andAllison Shapira.

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