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LinkedIn Live: AI & Authenticity -- the Future of Human Connection.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

AI & Authenticity -- the Future of Human Connection.

So fun. I joined LinkedIn Live session with Alison Shapira, CEO of Global Public Speaking LLCt o talk about AI & Authenticity.

Our chat focused on how GenarativeAI can create more authentic, connected communications. How we can use AI to better understand ourselves by processing our histories and past experiences. (aka, The always-on shrink in your pocket). AI can also help us find common ground with individuals and audiences.

Some of the themes:

► Human Element in Public Speaking: In a world where information and insight are available immediately for free, audiences will value the story of the human who has lived through trials and tribulations to gain insight.

► Authenticity as a New Currency: In a world where AI can create compelling content, authenticity and personal experience become a new form of currency. This flips the script on the fear that AI might replace humans by suggesting that it could make human experience — and personal brands -- more valuable.

► Trust Labels for AI Content: We discussed the pros and cons of labeling communications to indicate the level of AI involvement. There's a balance between transparency and overcomplicating communications. We'll have to see how the taxonomy for AI-generated textual content plays out.

► In the spirit of Halloween, We got into the creepy realm by recognizing the risks of "artificial intimacy," where people form closer bonds with AIs than humans. The crisis of human loneliness and the patience of AI creates a (dangerous?) dynamic. (Esther Perelis brilliant in speaking about the general trend of artificial intimacy)

► Suggestion: As AI progresses, authenticity and human connection will become more valued.

Each of us will be well-served to start learning about AI tools hands-on. We are writing the rules of engagement with AI now. By getting involved, we can help shape the future of human connection in a way that augments our creativity while minimizing risks.

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