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AI Companies Hiring Poets and Writers

The hunt for clean, quality AI training data is creating unexpected partnerships and opportunities.


► AI companies are recruiting poets and writers to gather high-quality, creative writing samples that will be used to train generative AI models. Instead of scraping the web or accessing works with questionable copyright, these commissioned writers will provide nuanced, professional, diverse writing samples. This high-quality, original content will then be used to train AI models with the end-result being higher quality output.

► Circumventing the Copyright Concerns: Recruiting creative writers is a strategic move to sidestep the efforts of content owners (authors, journalists, artists, publishers, etc.) to protect their work. By commissioning original work, the AI companies will own all rights to the data and sidestep the copyright issues and licensing costs.

In the short term, this hunger for quality training data may create unexpected opportunities for writers, journalists, literary publications (The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Paris Review), and media outlets (The New York Times, BBC, MIT Technology Review, Harvard Business Review).

We live in interesting times.....

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