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AI for Social Media & Agencies

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Many thanks to the Social Media Club of LA and the cool social media agency, Zolay for hosting my presentation to a group of their members at lunch on Friday.

We discussed various AI use cases relevant to the Social Media and marketing world.

We talked about a modification of the quip:

AI won't steal my job

But a human using AI might


AI won’t steal my client

But an Agency using AI might

We then released a sigh of relief when we realized:

To replace graphic

designers with Al,

clients will need to

accurately describe

what they want...

...We're safe.

The meat of the session was digging into prompts. Below are some of the examples.

Let me extract the top things to look for in the examples below:

► Provide Clarity & specificity

► Provide Context and background to guide the AI

► Create Multi-Part Requests that build on the previous one

► Incorporate Frameworks or Methodologies

► Request a Character or Style

► Define Desired Outcomes and Lengths

Examples discussed:

1. Client Communications, Building a schedule, On-boarding checklist. Detailed the importance of clarity, specificity, emotional context, awareness of consequences, etc. in creating effective AI prompts.

2. Creating a Creative Brief, Developing Tag Lines, Target Market Refinement, and Creating a Survey. Emphasized the importance of clear role definition, audience targeting, strategic input, etc.

3. Managing Maternal Guilt and Shame. Discussed using humor, specific requests, cultural references, etc. in creating engaging AI prompts.

4. Preparing to meet/interview a new client. The importance of specific role modeling, adaptation to different styles, etc.

5. Handling difficult conversations with a client and management. The importance of clarity, specificity, emotional context, etc.

6. Planning a road trip focused on tasty food, nice accommodations in the style of Anthony Bourdaine.

If you want to go deeper with the prompts, a detailed analysis of what you can learn from these prompts is on my Medium page:

More information and examples can be found on my YouTube channel:

Huge shout out to Mandy Maddela Hoskinson making the event happen.

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