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“AI Native Workflow” - A compelling perspective from Andreessen Horowitz

Updated: Jan 29

While much of the AI attention is focused on how it can enhance existing businesses, the real disruptors are likely to be AI-native companies. These new companies, free from the constraints of existing technology, traditional business models, and entrenched cultures, are positioned to disrupt existing business models and industries radically. This concise, compelling, information-rich article is a fantastic overview of the coming changes.

It’s a short article and well worth the read. 


► What Will GenAI Native Prosumer Products Look Like?

● Generation tools that kill the “blank page” problem.

● Multimodal (and multimedia!) combinations.

● Intelligent editors that enable more iteration. 

● In-platform refinement.

● Output that is remixable and transposable.

► How Will Prosumer Products Evolve?

➊ Editing tools that combine content modalities

➋ Products that utilize different modes of interaction.

➌ Products that treat human and AI-generated content as equal citizens

Thanks to Anish Acharya, Justine Moore, and Olivia Moore for the useful and insightful perspective. 

Thanks to Thad McIlroy for always being on the look out for interesting insights.

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