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But wait, I speak Hindi?

► Any Hindi-speaking people managers out there?

I created a Hindi version of my brief session on "How to Create a Personalized New Employee Onboarding Guide".

The custom onboarding guide is becoming one of my favorite use cases in how AI can augment and extend our abilities as managers. 

For this version, I took my English video and used HeyGen to convert it. Since I don't speak Hindi, I don't have a good sense of how good it sounds. 

Let me know what you think.

🇺🇸 version is here:

Why employee onboarding is a compelling use case:

Onboarding is critical but challenging because it sets the tone for an employee's long-term success, but tailoring it to the unique needs of individuals, the company, and the new employee can be complex and time-consuming.

A small amount of input about the hiring manager, the new employee, and the environment can generate a magical plan. Think about being able to leverage personality types, experience levels (or the manager and new hire), and the specifics of a new industry, company, and role. 

This example is based on a scenario of a tech-bro hiring manager in Silicon Valley bringing on a recent female graduate from IIT Bangalore. 

This video will show you how to create the prompts to generate a custom guide. In nine minutes, I'll walk you through:

► Ways that you can personalize the on-boarding experience

► Specific strategic prompts to get high-quality onboarding drafts from ChatGPT

► How to refine and tailor the AI's drafts to align with your specific teams and culture

► Ways to add unique personal touches for each manager and new hire

The result? These are onboarding guides that resonate with your employees right from day one.

This brings:

► Increased Productivity

► Reduced Turnover

► Clear Expectations

✺ Link to the Prompt Stream:

✺ Interested in learning more? Please drop me a line at: matt @

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