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ChatGPT Guides Difficult Conversations

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The Prompt -- a collecting of inspiring prompts

Let’s jump into how ChatGPT can help guide difficult conversations by utilizing established communication frameworks like Nonviolent Communication (NVC). This approach combines instruction with real-life examples, providing practical and actionable insights.

Does this sound familiar: You've been asked to work through the weekend on tasks outside of your job description, and you're overwhelmed and frustrated. It's a tough conversation waiting to happen.

Prompt: "Using the NVC communications framework, help me deal with a stressful situation in which my manager is asking me to work through the weekend. She told me on Friday afternoon. And, it’s work that is not even within my job description. I’m frustrated, angry, and want to quit. It’s not fair to me or my family. What should I do? Please explain your recommendation in a way that helps me understand the NVC framework."

And the link to what ChatGPT suggests:

ChatGPT responds by breaking down the NVC framework and applying it to your situation. It creates a dialogue draft you can use to express your feelings and needs while inviting a conversation with your manager to find a resolution.

This exercise showcases the potential of ChatGPT in processing freeform, emotional text input and generating helpful, practical outputs. By leveraging existing frameworks, ChatGPT can help guide conversations, provide advice, and create drafts for your communication needs.

Stay tuned for more prompt suggestions.

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