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Forbes Quote: Do You Suffer From FOBO? Here’s How To Handle It

William Arruda! thank you for the great Forbes article. I love it. (the fact that you quoted me has no bearing on that). LINK to the article

In my work with companies and execs to make AI actionable and accessible. I also see a wave of FOBO (Fear of Becoming Obsolete). It's happening throughout the organization -- including at the executive level.

Today, there's a growing gap between a company's vision for AI and its current investment in AI.  Companies are looking for individuals who can help them understand and close this gap between their dreams and today's reality. I help companies do this through an AI Activation Process. I assure you, the company's success requires engaged employees who are looking the future-proof their careers by understanding AI.

To stress William's points on that this means for the individual:

► Challenge yourself to use AI every day. Start with small steps. I suggest signing up for ChatGPT4. Make a commitment to use it every day. Start with the easy stuff. This could be asking for feedback on an email you're going to send, developing a recipe for dinner based on ingredients in the fridge, or creating a fun birthday image for a friend. It could also be summarizing a long (non-confidential) document or helping to conduct background research on a new client.

► Walk The Talk - At the individual level, this means going through your work day and thinking about the areas where AI might: (a) have no impact, (b) augment what you do today, and (c) (someday) replace what you do today. The rule of thumb is that AI, fully realized, can save you 20- 40% of most people's time. Start with the middle category and begin exploring ways to leverage AI in your daily activities. The caveat here is that you need to ensure this aligns with your company's AI usage policy. If they don't have one, this is a sign of the AI Activation Gap, (see above).

► Become the internal AI Champion and grow your thought leadership. I love Williams' reframing of moving from "AI as a threat" to "AI as my secret weapon". That's it.  Make AI fluency part of your brand. Be that internal advocate. To quote William quoting me 😁, "In the AI revolution, it's not the C-suite but the curious and the daring who lean in and lead. Seize the moment and be the one your CEO turns to for insights on AI's real-world impact.”

If this resonates, I’m happy to discuss my process in more detail. DM me through LinkedIn. 

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