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Exciting New Energy in San Francisco

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Last night, at a gathering of A.I. luminaries at the stunning SHACK15 at the Ferry Building, evidence of San Fransisco's rebound was evident.

In attendance was a motley crew of pioneers, visionaries, and prodigies, both old guard and new, who are driving San Francisco's resurgence as a global A.I. hub. The legendary host and futurist Peter Leyden from Reinvent Futures, serial entrepreneur Jerry Kaplan, and New York Times legend John Markoff rubbed shoulders with young hackers fresh from all-night innovation binges.

The conversations reflected a positive but sober optimism for a future amplified with AI. Speakers tackled topics from the hopeful potential of new generative technologies to their dire risks if misused. A spirit of optimism suffused the proceedings, even as speakers tackled the thorny questions.

For San Francisco, trying to shake off the lingering hangover from Covid, the implications are profound and uplifting. This gathering made clear that the city is once again on technology's bleeding edge, poised to reap the economic and social bounties of the artificial intelligence revolution. The new gold rush is on.

If you’re curious about AI and what is happening in San Francisco, I encourage you to check out the videos at

Many thanks to the speakers who inspired us throughout the evening. Jerry Kaplan for highlighting the risk of "emotional pornography", Gary A. Bolles on sharing is wisdom on traveling the globe talking about the future of work, Ethan Shaotran talking about ehitcs while still a student at Harvard, Dekai Wu for his powerful talk on the need to reduce polarization and concrete suggestions on regulation, Daniel Erasmus for the call to address climate change, Dazza Greenwood for is highlighting the need to develop a better immune system to AI, CC Gong for sharing the incredible energy that is happening on the ground in SF, and R "Ray" Wang for encouraging us to consider how CRISPR managed to regulate to a safer future.

Thank you to all who shared and inspired. Especially to Peter Leyden and Joe Boggio for all the work behind the scenes.

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