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Exciting news for non-profits! ChatGPT-4

OpenAI’s ChatGPT4 is a game changer for our non-profit, Fotokids. As the Treasurer of a small non-profit without dedicated fundraising resources, ChatGPT is helping to save time, increase professionalism, expand our social media presence, and, most importantly, boost donations! In the end, this means we're able to help more kids.

💡 Here are some specific examples of how ChatGPT can benefit your non-profit.

You’ll get better results as you add more detail and context. Remember that this is an iterative approach. Keep asking more questions. Ask for details. Ask it to write letters. Treat it as an assistant and see what happens

1️⃣ Save time: ChatGPT can help draft emails, reports, and other documents quickly and effectively. For instance, I used it to create our annual Treasurer’s Report, which not only saved me time but also presented the information clearly and professionally.

📝 Sample prompt: “Create an outline and the information that should be included in the annual Treasurer’s Report for a non-profit.” or “Create an onboarding packet with the information that is needed by new board members”

2️⃣ Boost donations: With ChatGPT’s help, we’ve been able to segment our donor base and tailor our messaging, resulting in increased donations. Just by copying and pasting anonymized donor data from a spreadsheet directly into ChatGPT, I was able to generate segmentation and customized messaging for each donor. It can also help draft compelling fundraising letters and thank you notes, which are essential for donor retention.

📝 Sample prompt: “Create a fundraising email for our non-profit’s year-end giving campaign. Base the email on the specific of past donations. Include mention that the focus of the campaign is new scholarships for both of our locations”

3️⃣ Increase professionalism: ChatGPT can help you improve the quality of your written communications. We’ve used it to proofread and edit grant proposals, ensuring they are error-free and well-structured.

📝 Sample prompt: “Review and suggest improvements for this grant proposal.” or “Map out the areas where our mission corresponds with the priorities for the Starbuck’s Foundation”

4️⃣ Expand social media: ChatGPT can generate engaging content ideas and even draft social media posts. We’ve seen a significant increase in our social media following since using ChatGPT for content creation.

📝 Sample prompt: “Suggest five engaging social media post ideas to promote our non-profit’s upcoming event.”

So, if you’re working with a non-profit and stretched thin (which, let’s face it, you probably are), give ChatGPT a try. It has truly transformed our organization and helped us better serve our mission. 🌟

Please share back any ideas that you have.

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