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GenAI to Translate Science-Speak to the Rest of Us

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

For anyone who has ever struggled to grok an academic paper, Claude2 comes to the rescue. (Unlike the current version of ChatGPT4, Claude2 can ingest long documents).

In this case, I prompted Claude2 with, "Please review this academic paper and draft a summary in plain English explaining what it means and why it's important. Explain how the underlying technology might be productized. Explain what types of customers might use this and how we could evaluate the market for the technology."

The translation would be incredibly valuable for a product manager, corporate development lead, or potential investor in helping them to understand the technology, potential customer, and use cases.

Of course, it's not perfect. But, I guarantee you it will make your discussions with the scientists who wrote the paper much easier.

In case you can't read what it wrote:

"Here is a plain English summary of the key points from the paper:

► The paper presents methods for viewing and transmitting complex 3D mesh models efficiently. These models can have hundreds of thousands of faces, making them very challenging to store, transmit across networks, and render interactively.

► The main idea is to represent the 3D model in a multiresolution way - store a simple coarse base model along with additional detail information that allows reconstructing higher resolution versions.

► They use a mathematical technique called wavelet analysis to break down the geometry and color information of a complex 3D model into coarse and detail components.

► By transmitting and rendering using just the coarse base model plus some of the detail wavelets, they can display crude approximations quickly and then progressively improve quality. This enables smooth transmission and interactive rendering.

► They also separate color from geometry, allowing the color detail to be added independently without increasing geometric complexity. This allows exploiting texture mapping hardware for better visual quality.

[had to cut die to Linkedin limit]


► Online 3D model repositories - Enable hosting and interactive previews of complex 3D models on websites. Useful for 3D model marketplaces.

► Collaborative design - Allow multiple users to interactively view and manipulate the same complex 3D CAD model over the network.

► 3D maps/worlds - Enable smooth interactive navigation of detailed 3D worlds representing cities, game levels, etc.

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► Technology could be licensed to 3D rendering engine providers or 3D modelling software vendors.

► Could be offered as a cloud service for transmitting and rendering 3D models, competing with solutions like Sketchfab. Additional revenue from model hosting.

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Good luck!

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