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It's time to bet on Adobe

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

I left Adobe a little over a year ago, and ironically, I understand the company better now than when I was on the inside.

I'm often asked for my perspective, and Jim Cramer recently encapsulated my sentiments: "Adobe has the best artificial intelligence offerings among software companies right now."

Here's why they're saying this:

Established player in AI. Adobe has been channeling investments into AI and machine learning for years. Their research team is a force to reckon with, pioneering game-changing tools like Content Aware Fill in 2010 and their flagship AI initiative, Adobe Sensei, in 2016. By 2020, they added Neural Filters to beta in Photoshop. They are second to none in the Creative AI space.

Bringing simplicity to market. Adobe's forte has been powerful tools, not simplicity. Firefly's elegance is proof that something has changed. Firefly is a text-to-image generative tool that remarkably simplifies a tremendous amount of very complex technology. This is not an easy task.

Collaboration. Adobe has partnerships with the leaders in the field including NVIDIA to co-create advanced AI models, a collaboration with Google, integrating Firefly into Google's AI-powered chatbot, Bard, and a deep history working closely with Microsoft.

They're also winning on the trust front. Adobe pioneered the Content Authenticity Initiative, providing a traceability framework that has earned the confidence of both customers and a host of other leading companies like the The New York Times and BBC.

Enterprise-friendly. They're focused on addressing the needs of large organizations. Adobe is nailing key aspects like robust security measures, customized AI solutions, transparent methodologies for ROI, and expert-backed professional services. Brands like dentsu, Mattel, Inc., and IBM are reported to be working with Adobe to refine solutions.

Customers! While the estimates of the actual number of paying customer is hard to find, it's safe to say that they have more experience with the creative market than any other company

The industry is taking notice. Bank of America recently upgraded Adobe from "neutral" to "buy," setting a new price target at $630 per share.

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