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Podcast: Appropriate AI — An Interview with Matt Strain

I recently had the pleasure of joining Becky Parker Geist on her podcast, AudioBook Connection. Our connection began when I was invited to speak at the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA), a vibrant community of authors who are forging a path in the independent publishing movement. The podcast episode is aptly titled "Appropriate AI — An Interview with Matt Strain."

During our conversation, we delved into the intricate relationship between AI and creativity, specifically exploring how and when AI might find a role in the audiobook industry and whether it has the potential to replace human narrators.

Highlights from our discussion:

► The human connection is still vital; listeners often value the personalities behind the narrating voices. This might lead to an increased focus on human narrators.

► While advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) have enabled some applications of AI narration, the subtleties of emotion and humor still demand the human touch.

Our chat also made me think about community book narration projects, like Gildart Jackson’s daily Fireside Readings of classic literature. Gildart launched the project when COVID forced us to stay home. His daily chapter readings foster community and connection for many people through the warmth, humor, and empathy in his readings of the classics. Check it out:

I'm eager to explore this subject further in my upcoming two-hour workshop, "The Ways AI is Revolutionizing the Writing Process." It's hosted by my friends at the company, "The Five Things I've Learned". Join me on October 15th @ 6:00PM (Pacific):

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