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Step 1: Get Your Employees Trained on AI

According to a Salesforce Survey of 14,000 workers:

► 7 in 10 employees report having no training on how to use AI

► Over a quarter (28%) of workers are currently using generative AI at work but more than half lack the formal approval of their employers.

► 64% of those who used GenAI, pass GenAI work* off as their own

► 79% do not have a clear policy on usage.

► Workers report ambiguous or non-existent generative AI policies at work

(* over time, we'll have to develop a more nuanced taxonomy for what it means to "use AI at work". There's a big difference between a AI-infused grammar checker and an autonomous agent writing annual performance reviews).

Getting started with AI is easy. Over the past year, I've helped thousands of employees and executives take the first steps.

It starts with 5 Steps that are low-risk and inexpensive. You can start this week:

1️⃣ Educate the team

2️⃣ Create an AI Steering Group

3️⃣ Develop Usage Guidelines

4️⃣ Assess the Impact

5️⃣ Develop a Strategic AI Roadmap

(for more detail on the steps)

AI Curious? Let’s talk.

If you want, we can get started before the end of the year.


source of Salesforce report:


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