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The Asia Corporate Leadership Council

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

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Honored to work with 20 CEO's and leaders from across Asia to explore AI.

AI and Human Capital: Revolutionizing Talent in Asia's Corporate Landscape

I recently had the opportunity to spend a fascinating three hours with the Conference Board's Asia Corporate Leadership Council (ACLC). In case you're not familiar with ACLC, the Council works to define, exemplify, and promote best practices in corporate purpose for Asia by building future fluency and stewardship competencies on issues central to the flourishing of business and society. Members are a select group of the senior-most leaders of western MNCs in Asia, regional corporates, SGX boards, and major family offices.

Steve Stine, Program Director, brought together a fantastic group of CEOs and leaders of over twenty Asia-based companies.

In the three-hour session, "AI: From Theory to Practice. Leveraging AI to Plan and Build Your Human Capital Requirements", we explored how AI can assist in three main areas:

► For recruiting - we discussed how AI could help enable more strategic and predictive hiring practices. We envisioned how AI tools could help you match candidates to roles in a more personalized way and identify optimal talent more efficiently.

► On talent development — we shared new ideas for providing customized guidance and growth opportunities tailored to each employee's strengths and areas of opportunity. We explored how AI could help nurture talent in more targeted, impactful ways.

► To drive better internal collaboration — we explored a vision for breaking down silos and enhancing enterprise-wide knowledge sharing. We discussed the possibilities of new AI systems for expert mapping, insight synthesis, and improved connectivity.

For me, the highlight was watching the breakout sessions where leaders had a lively practical discussion on applying these ideas. They shared their successes and challenges and dug into experiences with data, privacy, and ethics.

I felt optimistic that these leaders were asking the right questions and shared a nuanced view of applying AI for a more productive, creative, and profitable future for employees and their companies.

❓How are you envisioning the integration of AI in your talent management strategies, and what challenges or opportunities do you foresee in the future?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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