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The Futureproof Project: Creative Potential of AI

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Recently, I spent a thought-provoking couple of hours participating in Traction's Futureproof Project, which focused on "The Creative Potential of AI". The irrepressible Adam Kleinberg led a panel that included both me and Emmy Award-winning storyteller and director, Jason Zada. The Futureproof Project gathers an impressive team of top marketing leaders from renowned brands such as Salesforce, Canva, LinkedIn, Mastercard, and more."

Three key takeaways that resonated:

► AI Enhances Creative Processes: While AI can automate certain tasks and assist in the creative process, human creativity, innovation, and personalization remain critical.

► Accessible Tools Encourage Experimentation: The tools they use, such as Chat GPT, Mid Journey, Runway, and Eleven Labs, are becoming more accessible. The lower barrier to entry, previously set by the cost of expensive tools, allows more individuals to experiment with AI in their creative work. The role of people in the process, as directors of AI's outputs, is essential.

► Methodologies for AI Use Are Becoming Valuable IP: The techniques used to prompt desired outputs from Generative AI are becoming a form of Intellectual Property, reflecting a growing need for expertise in guiding AI.

A special shout-out to Adam -- a creative force of nature and truly one of the best at bringing together interesting minds. His energy and insights always make these sessions remarkable.

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