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Using ChatGPT Today

Because it’s all about finding patterns across massive amounts of data, ChatGPT is amazing for helping you with things that others been done before but that YOU may be doing for the first time.

It's not perfect. Many replies will lack creativity and originality. Think of ChatGT as a very fast, good, but not terribly original research assistant that can get you to 80 - 95% of where you want to go.

You can think of the value this way:

▸ Saves time by providing a strong starting point

▸ Ensures you cover all the bases and main points

▸ Provides frameworks and structures for letters, agendas, documents, etc.

▸ Helps with ideation and expanding ideas

I encourage you to fire up ChatGPT and try some of these for yourself.

Here are some examples that might get you thinking about how to use it on a day-to-day basis.

► Draft a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION that I can write for my smart, industrious 20-year-old neighbor applying to Gettysburg college.

► Write a LETTER TO MY LANDLORD apologizing that my rent will be late and requesting an extension. Explain that I have been suffering from Covid and will be back to work within a week.

► Draft a friendly yet professional RESIGNATION LETTER for a job that I am leaving after five years to take another job.

► Write a CREATIVE BRIEF for a creative agency that includes all the necessary sections to develop a brand identity for company that delivers affagoto and beers to boats that are sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

► Draft a SALES CONSULTING AGREEMENT for me, Joe Smo, working as an independent sales consultant for a landscape lighting company.

► Creating a TRAVEL ITINERARY. What might Anthony Bourdain recommend for a 5-night road trip from Columbus, OH to St Louis, MO. Optimize for great food, culture, adventure, and a luxurious place to stay. Please include distance and air driving time for each day. Keep the daily drive time to under 2.5 hours.

► DRAFT AN AGENDA for a 2 hour meeting focused on the topic: Let’s develop up with a plan for how to raise series A funding for our health start-up. [you can add a request for a team building exercise or breakout sessions]

► Draft a JOB DESCRIPTION that includes roles and responsibilities for a position that manages fundraising and donations for a small non-profit. Please make sure that you’re reducing bias and using gender-inclusive language.

► And to push things a little further and lighter, consider this:

Write a LETTER OF APOLOGYin the style of Dave Barry apologizing for when my dog pee’d on the neighbor’s cat. Base this on the "Five Components of a Genuine Apology” framework. [more important than the dog’s bladder control issues is the ability to set (a) “in the tone and style of” and (b) to identify a specific framework such as the components of an apology].

Have fun, and let me know what you find….

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