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When You become a Prompt

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

"Oh, I used you in a prompt today...".

For those who follow tech, you know John Markoff.

Yesterday afternoon, I was testing ChatGPT and Claude2 to try and get it to rewrite a long document in a style that resonated. Nothing worked until I asked it to write in the style and tone of the legendary tech journalist, John Markoff. (His style is described as producing colorful narratives and astute observations that produce a nuanced, story-driven analysis).

I was slightly star-struck when, several hours later, I ran into John at an event in San Francisco.

What a world when you can approach a relative stranger and say, “Oh Hi. I used you in a prompt today. You were just what I needed”

John responded with a bit if a “stalker alert” expression. I back away before we negotiated a copyright payment.

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