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AI for Real People

We help individuals & companies be more creative & productive with GenAI

AI for Real People

We help individuals & companies be more creative & productive

"AI won't replace your job. But a human using AI might."

Artificial intelligence is evolving everyday. We make it accessible and actionable.

Matt Strain The-Prompt.AI. AI Training.  Keynote speaker

Matt Strain

Innovator. Educator. Technologist. Disruptor.

Engaging. Approachable.  Apple and Adobe Research Alum.
Forbes referred to Matt as the "AI Whisperer"

“To understand AI, we need to dive in and get our hands dirty. Only by experimenting with the tools in our personal and professional lives will we begin to understand the opportunities and risks that come with these powerful technologies. We can do this in a measured, thoughtful, accessible way" - Matt Strain

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Featured in

Forbes article on AI that refeences Matt Strain

Strain, who Forbes refers to as "the AI Whisperer…” shares insights on the fascination and fear that comes with the potential of AI.

What We Do
What We Do
AI Activation Process

Through an assessment and activation process developed by working with 1,000's of people, we  help you and your team realize the potential of AI.  

Cohort Learning

A series of eight, small sessions designed to get you up and running with AI.

Speaking Engagements

Entertaining, accessible, and actionable presentations that inspire your teams to get started wth AI.

1:1 Sessions

Focus on the challenges faced by AI-curious C-Level executives who want to understand AI and help their companies tap into the potential of AI.



Frequently Asked Questions


From the Desk of Matt Strain

  • How can I get started in AI?
    Getting started is easy. You can do it right now. Start with the basics. Sure, you can use the free version of ChatGPT but I urge you to treat yourself and upgrade to ChatGPT4. Don't overthink it. Ask it the same kinds of questions would you aska smart friend. I recently lead a session titled, "AI for Real People -- A light and accessible Intro to AI". This is a non-technical introduction to AI. It's a good place to start if you'd like some guidance. There are many other dedicated apps that leverage AI. Some of my current favorites: Fathom -- for capturing action items and transcripts in Zoom meetings - for auto-magically creating entire presentations from a prompt Yoodli - I like how Yoodli has applied AI to training for public speaking. * I look forward to hearing about your favorite tools.
  • What can I do to protect my job?
    Adapting to the changing world of work in the era of AI involves a multi-faceted approach. Here are some practical steps you can take: Understand AI and its Impact on Your Industry: Learn about AI's fundamental concepts, how it works, and how it's affecting your industry. Understanding AI and its potential will help you foresee how it may affect your job and allow you to anticipate changes before they happen. Online courses, webinars, or industry-specific AI publications can provide a wealth of information. Become the AI Go-To Person: Familiarize yourself with how AI is being utilized in your field. You could look into how other companies in your industry are deploying AI. Start by identifying opportunities in your current role where AI could help streamline processes or enhance results. By becoming the "go-to" person for AI, you not only make yourself indispensable, but also position yourself as a forward thinker in your organization. Acquire New Skills: AI often replaces repetitive and routine tasks, while jobs that require complex decision-making, creativity, and human interaction are less likely to be fully automated. By focusing on these areas and acquiring relevant skills, you can make your role more robust against automation. This could involve taking courses on critical thinking, communication, leadership, or creativity. Embrace Change: AI is here to stay, and the workplace is changing as a result. By being open to new ways of working and readily adopting new technologies, you can show your adaptability and flexibility. This can make you more valuable in a rapidly evolving workplace. Keep Learning: The world of AI is continually evolving, with new technologies and applications appearing all the time. By keeping up to date with these changes, you'll be better equipped to understand how they could impact your job and your company. Network: Connect with other professionals in your industry who are also interested in AI. This can give you a broader perspective on how AI is impacting your field and provide opportunities for collaboration. By adopting these strategies, you can help protect your job and even thrive in the AI era. Remember that the goal is not just to "survive" but to find ways to leverage these changes for your personal and professional growth.
  • What are some of your favorite AI examples?
    There are so many. Some of my current favorites include Channeling Anthony Bourdain to create a five-day food-centric road trip itinerary. Using AI for guidance on how to communicate with a difficult client who is constantly making changes Providing blue sky ideas for radically new ways of doing something — product launches, business models, travel ideas. For the small nonprofit, using ChatGPT to analyze donor records and draft custom outreach based on the specific donation patterns of unique supporter. And, my favorite, using ChatGPT, Dall-e, and Adobe’s Firefly to generate custom cocktails based on the tenets of Chinese medicine. (And, that’s a longer story).
  • Why are you fascinated with artificial intelligence?
    I’ve been fascinated with the application of AI for decades. Early in my career at Apple, we explored ways of improving education with early AI. The concept of a personal AI-tutor may have just arrived. This is transformative. For most of the past seven years, I've at the intersection of AI and Creativity at Adobe’s Research lab. Much of this work can now be seeing in Adobe’s Firefly AI offering. I also had the opportunity to be on the forefront of AI-driven marketing based on predictive modeling. Now, with the acceleration of Generative AI, we’re able to deploy AI to transform our lives, improve problem-solving capabilities, and push the boundaries of human understanding. Change is hard -- especially when it involves peoples' jobs and a company's underlying value proposition and even business model. These are exciting times !
  • What's the story behind the New York Times article?
    ChatGPT and Dall-e allowed me to do things that I never thought possible. More than just generating tech and images, this is about using Generative AI as a creative co-pilot.
  • Why should I hire The Prompt?
    Please talk with us if you’re interested in simplifying complex AI concepts, making them accessible to non-technical professionals, including those at the C-Suite. Our engaging and conversational approach to teaching, coupled with our focus on accessible and actionable use cases, often leaves participants feeling inspired and ready to apply AI tools like ChatGPT and Dall-e in their everyday life and work. Our extensive experience in working with a diverse range of companies, from small creative agencies to major corporations and leading investment firms, speaks to our adaptability and efficiency. Importantly, our commitment is to future-proof your capabilities, helping you stay relevant in a rapidly evolving technological landscape by encouraging lifelong learning, fostering tech-savviness, and predicting trends for sustained relevance and employability. If you're reading this far, I hope to have the chance to talk with you.


What people are saying about The Prompt

Matt delivers the thing we need most: He demystifies the A.I. landscape and puts a caring, human face on the coming A.I. revolution. Matt makes clear A.I’s promise and potential in terms everyone can understand and offers thoughtful, practical, and immediate suggestions for ways to make the most of this fast-evolving technology. His 90-minute live class remains the best reviewed Five Things I’ve Learned workshop ever – so good that we immediately asked him back to lead another.

Mark Nieker, CEO, Founder, ExtendedSession

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